Brand New Website

New website for I'll be working on this over the next week...

SimonHome Page

This is a new website to go with the soon-to-be-revamped YouTube channel ChristianGuitarComAu. It's only brand new and I'll add more over the next few days...

The focus will be how to use music (and guitar in particular) as an aid to becoming gradually more like Jesus Christ, and less like the world. This is meant as an education for myself as much as anyone else, as when I first learned guitar I was far from being a Christian. And that was the context in which I learned to play — and learned to desire the things of the world of electric guitar and rock bands, and the usual lifestyles which go along with that.

The website is only new, so there is not much on it yet!

These web pages are still in draft form and will be fixed up considerably over the next week (or few weeks).


I've got a week and a few days before college goes back. So my plan is to turn this into a complete website before then, along with the other new website It will be interesting to see how much I can get done by my deadline of 22 July 2019...

What's Coming on

Here are some thing I'll add in the future:

  • How to stay in a prayerful state while playing music.
  • Song covers that I play in church.
  • Tutorials.
  • The long journey away from the world's influence.
  • How to learn that God's plan for our lives is the best one, and better than anything we could imagine up for ourselves.
  • Learning to trust God with his plan for our lives.
  • I'm still teaching myself how to clean out what's left of the darkness that my years of worldly music, heavy metal (some of which is overtly devil-worshipping, and most of the rest of it is also, but more subtly). This is something I'll be exploring on the website.
  • The amazing power this has to influence the lives of so many people in modern society, and even the lives of practicing Christians (such was I was myself, especially for the first years immediately after my conversion).
  • How to see your musical instrument(s) and gear, and playing, and the music itself as a type of prayer, and (ideally) nothing to do with the world.
  • How to eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) worldy motives for playing and listening to music.
  • How to identify these motives in the first place — since so many of them are hidden (and live within us, encased in a thick shell of illusion and denial).
  • How to find joy, peace, and happiness in music that's for Jesus — in place of frustration from music that promises worldly rewards (just like Satan does to Jesus in the desert) and then fails to deliver.
  • How to use music as a tool to become more like Jesus Christ, and less like the world outside of Christ, his teachings in the Bible, and his church.
  • How to play (and listen to) Christian music for Jesus Christ.

There will be articles about Christianity, and Christian music, and guitar, and videos of how to play popular Christian and other songs on guitar. And on bass also.

Since I started going to church a few years ago, I've learned and played somewhere between 100 and 200 songs live at church. Mostly on electric guitar, some on acoustic guitar and some on bass. I've started making videos of how to play them, the plan is to eventually video all of them plus the new ones that I'm learning as I go...

Plus, most importantly, ways to approach the "world" of Christian music without becoming drawn into wanting to become more like the world — as opposed to becoming more like Jesus Christ.

I'll also be writing up answers to questions like how and why I became a Christian, why anyone would want to become a Christian, and the "big questions" like the meaning of life and all that stuff, on my main Christian website,

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